Trestle Board

1 Jan 22

Happy New Year and welcome to the new Masonic year.

Brothers, as  we start the New Year, many of us are busy with our families and friends, celebrating either with a large party or just with the ones we love. I hope that you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and the new year will be prosperous, healthy, and wonderful for us all.

This is my first entry for the new year, and my first term as Worshipful Master. All I can ask is that I hope I have everyone’s support in taking care of our Lodge. I may be "in the saddle" so-to-speak, but the lodge works as a group, and I hope that we can continue to come together to make the year 2022 a successful one.

African Genesis #101 needs your support… not with just financial aid, but with your time. We joined this organization for a reason, and I am hoping that you can donate some time to help the lodge continue to be as successful as possible. Whether you donate your time by attending degree work, helping on a committee, or even by showing up for our stated meetings, your participation is greatly appreciated.

January will be a slow month as it takes time to ramp up with a new changing of the guard. Check the web site for activity dates.

The list of dates so far:

22JAN22 – Stated Meeting @ 10am.

1 Feb 22

Brothers, can you believe that January 2022 is already in our rearview mirror?  I would like to think that we started off our year with success.  We entered 2022 with the momentum of a great installation of Officers and also fellowshipped with Brothers, family, and had great food to help celebrate the newly installed Officers of their respective lodges.  

The next thing on the calendar was our first stated meeting of the year held on 22JAN22.  As we all know, no matter how much we plan, we can expect some “curve-balls” and instead of looking at these curveballs as a negative or an inconvenience, we can remind ourselves that some curveballs are needed to get a Brother or two onto the bases for the purpose of setting up the chances to score.

During our stated meeting there were some issues that were cleared up and I think that we set the stage for a year of true fellowship and a positive atmosphere.  Also, the annual budget was discussed.  We are also planning to visit at least one lodge per month with a minimum of two representatives of African Genesis #101 to attend and represent thus eventually ramp up to visiting two lodges each month.

Later in the month, I think we would like to have a potluck dinner so keep an eye out for the notices either on the website and/or email.  

Please visit:  African Genesis #101 to make sure that we have your current contact information.

March 2022

Brothers, I have revamped our TB and it can be found here: AGL101TB