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Top 6 Serious Mistakes When Placing Live Football Bets with Bookmakers

Live football betting with bookmakers is always a popular choice among players due to its speed and convenience. However, players often face failure when choosing online bookmaker bets. This is because they do not know sure betting tips how to analyze bookmaker odds or they fall into the 6 mistakes summarized below. Check out if you are one of them!

Only Betting on Your Favorite Team

When analyzing live football bets, most bettors tend to favor their favorite teams. However, this becomes a weakness that leads many players to make mistakes and face a high risk of losing everything.

Even if your favorite team is playing, you should not let emotions cloud your judgment. Another common mistake even experienced bettors make is betting on famous teams.

Two issues will be dissected with this logic:

First, is the team you are supporting in good form? Not to mention, the performance of the team in the current season, whether good or bad. If your favorite team is on a decline, continuously betting on them will result in heavy financial losses.

Second, betting on famous teams does not necessarily bring profits. If everyone bets on strong teams, it inadvertently shortens the odds, reducing the value of the bet. Moreover, football is always full of surprises, so do not expect "the strong to always win."

Not Choosing Value Bets

Not choosing value bets is one of the very common mistakes in football betting. Many players try to grasp the concept of "value" in betting. It helps players balance the potential risks and rewards.

The success of a bettor is not about finding the team that wins the most but choosing the odds that are beneficial to oneself. In fact, this is one of the methods to earn profits when analyzing football bets.

To bet on value, players need to choose odds with a high probability of winning. However, to achieve this, players must invest time and effort. Specifically, you need to delve into the two teams, statistics about the tournament, news, or changes between clubs... From there, you will gradually understand the logic of live football betting odds and gain deep knowledge to find the real value behind the odds.

However, players should note that most football betting odds have a negative value, making it quite difficult to predict accurate odds. The reason for this is that no bookmaker is willing to show players the value in their bets.

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Ignoring Home Advantage

When researching match information, many bettors overlook a crucial source: the home team. This factor can be pivotal in determining your final choice when placing live football bets with a bookmaker. Statistics show that over 85% of teams perform better at home than away. Many bookmakers believe that a home team has a +0.74 advantage in scoring and a +0.37 chance of netting a goal. Additionally, the home team typically controls the ball better, dominating the game.

Betting with a Single Bookmaker

Nowadays, due to the prevalent issue of scams, many bettors stick to a trusted bookmaker. However, no bookmaker is perfect; each has its strengths and weaknesses. This habit leads to unnecessary mistakes in betting on live football odds.

Many bettors mistakenly believe their chosen bookmaker offers the best odds in the market. Unfortunately, many reputable bookmakers provide competitive odds, high winning rates, and various rewards. To correct this mistake, bettors should explore different bookmakers to find the best odds. Alongside better odds, these bookmakers often offer guaranteed services in transactions and values, giving you more betting options.

Some bookmakers are highly reliable for checking football betting odds. They are among the top bookmakers in the country, operating with credibility and professionalism, and regularly offering major tournaments worldwide.

Moreover, bookmakers provide live football betting odds, updated continuously and quickly. This gives bettors more crucial data when placing bets.

Recently, we've compiled the five most common mistakes even experienced betting tips 1x2 app bettors make when betting on live football odds. The best approach before placing a bet is to plan your wager, prepare a budget, choose the right valuable odds, and research match information. By following these steps, Wintips guarantees you will never lose when betting on live odds with any bookmaker.


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